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dividedby's Journal

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Welcome to DIVIDED BY, yet another graphic community run by NINECHORDS & LOVERSWALK. Make sure you read and follow the rules as stated below before joining the community. Please do not ask to be added; just click the join community button at the top of this page. Thanks!

01. Only NINECHORDS & LOVERSWALK can post in this community. Do not ask for posting access.
02. Credit is a must. If you refuse to credit one of us or the community for the graphic you have taken, you will be warned once and banned from the community if it keeps happening. When crediting, be sure to credit THE USER WHO MADE THE ICON, NOT THE COMMUNITY. There is more than one person in the community, so crediting the specific person is a must.
03. Absolutely no direct linking. It kills our bandwith and if you're caught doing it you will immediately be banned without warning.
04. Unless one of us posts that they are willing to take requests, we aren't taking them. Ocassionally we will ask the members what they would like more graphics of, but other than that we're closed for requests.


We are always looking for new affiliates, so do not hesitate to ask!